2019 Improvements, A Quick Q&A with Dr. Spencer Heaton

The ASIPP Quality Registry and National Interventional Pain Management – Qualified Clinical Data Registry (NIPM-QCDR) arms you with meaningful data about your patients and your performances so you can improve care, monitor patient-reported outcomes, and maximize MIPS reporting results.

Take five minutes to see why hundreds of interventional pain specialists are using NIPM-QCDR to simplify their MIPS reporting and patient-reported outcomes tracking.

  • Why did ASIPP create the NIPM-QCDR?
  • How has registry participation grown over the past two years?
  • What’s new for 2019?

You’ll learn how we are lowering barriers for participation through specialty-specific patient-reported outcome measures. There is no need to pull data from your EMR or for any additional documentation. This makes registry participation and MIPS reporting easy. The NIPM-QCDR can help you easily meet MIPS requirements and optimize reimbursements this year.


Spencer Heaton, M.D., M.B.A., Chief Medical Officer, ArborMetrix


Rey Goicochea, M.P.P., Partnerships Specialist, ArborMetrix